Massive beehive removed from old building


An old building being renovated in Pennsylvania needed more than a simple dusting off, a massive beehive – measuring 24 feet – was removed from the property.

Megan Brokman purchased the former Depot Junction auction house, with the hopes of transforming it into a new retail store, called Farmhouse Supply.

“We’re hoping to restore a building that we didn’t want to see sitting vacant.” 

But, within the building a major issue taking away from the stores buzz.

“We knew there were two hives, but we were shocked when we were told how many were in the hives.” Megan Brokman/building owner

Inside of the walls, are two massive beehives, including one that 24-feet-long, filled with hundreds of thousands of honey bees.

So Megan called a man by the name of ‘Critter CcCool’ to the rescue.

“I’ve been bitten and scratched and stung by just about every creature there is.” Eric “critter” McCool/McCools Wildlife & Bee Extractions

For nearly 30 years, critter has specialized in wildlife control. Specifically, bee hive extraction. A job that can prove to be painful.

“I surpassed my 8,000th sting yesterday, from yellow jackets. We’ve done over 35,000 removals of hives and nests throughout the U.S. and Canada.” McCool/McCools Wildlife & Bee Extractions

Critter uses state of the art thermal imaging equipment to locate each hive and nest. His crews then cut open the walls and floors to remove the honey combs and bees.

“Here, the bright yellow, that is where the hive is. So, this is the second hive and it’s approximately 5 feet tall and 16 inches wide. These honey bees can pack a pretty powerful sting, so in order to film the hive extraction, i put on this bee keeper suit and followed the guys inside.”

Even with protective gear, the removal process can still be pretty intense, especially when you’re dealing with thousands of disrupted bees.

“8,000 stings. Does it still hurt by now?”

“Yeah, some stings. I got seven times in the face yesterday by yellow jackets. Some days it doesn’t bother me and other days it really still bothers me.”

But for critter… It’s all in a days work.

“This is kind of my calling, you know. God’s provided a path for me and this is what I love to do.”

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