“Me Too Teen” website launches


Izzy Cohn, 15, wants to share the stories people don’t like to hear.

 About a year ago, Cohn started the “Me Too Teen Project.” 

 It’s a website where teens can share anonymous stories about sexual assault.

 “I thought it was mainly adults who had the mindset and the capability and the gut to come forward, but that is not true,” Cohn says. “There’s so many teens out there, and young adults who have just as much if not more, courage than adults to come forward.”

 Cohn started the project as a way to create a platform when she competed for Miss Colorado’s Outstanding Teen.

 She didn’t know the stories would start coming from around the world, and she would actually make a difference.

 “There are people who want to hear your story,” she says, “And there are people who believe you, even if they’re in other countries.”

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