SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Several doctors believe that the newly updated vaccine is the best course of action, as some people are becoming more susceptible to COVID-19 than others.

Doctors tell 22News the predominant virus strain circulating now is a descendant of omicron, but it affects many people differently. Additionally, whether you’ve had COVID or been vaccinated in the past, people can still get infected with this strain. Health officials say this strain has mutated enough to be a little different, and your body doesn’t recognize it the way it may have a year ago.

“Getting vaccinated now with this new mono variant, single strain vaccine, will make people less at risk to get a severe infection this year from this current strain,” said Dr. Andrew Artenstein, Chief Physician Executive and Chief Academic Officer at Baystate Health.

And if you had plans to get your updated vaccine from CVS Health, you might’ve recently been met with this message after scheduling.


Senior Manager of Retail Communications for CVS Pharmacy, Matt Blanchette, told 22News that they are facing delivery delays, once they get more supplies, they’ll offer more appointments on their website.

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