Museum exhibit reveals man’s heart problem


What started as a boys’ day out for a North Carolina grandfather and his grandson, quickly turned into something much more.

 The outing that potentially saved Boyd Hudson’s life was not to a local hospital, but to the Children’s Museum of Alamance County.

 In January, Hudson and his grandson visited the “Listen to Your Heart” exhibit with a heart drum that literally plays the drumming of a person’s heartbeat. When Hudson placed his hands on the brass plates, which help read a person’s pulse, he realized something was wrong.

 For the average healthy person, the heart drum should have a steady rhythm and the heart rate that lights up on the drum should stay steadily between 60 and 100 beats-per-minute.

 “I did it and the heart rate was very erratic and I didn’t like the way it looked,” Boyd said.

 After a few tests, Hudson was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, a serious condition where one has an irregular heartbeat.

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