Obese dog gets new “leash” on life


(WGRZ) Honey the Beagle was dropped off last June for euthanasia at New York’s SPCA of Niagara County.

She weighed 68 pounds which is about forty pounds above a healthy Beagle weight.

She could hardly move, her belly scraped the floor as she dragged herself by her front paws and she was urinating and defecating on herself.

The SPCA said her owner was an elderly woman with dementia. They suspect she would forget she fed Honey and feed her again.

Honey also had unregulated hypothyroidism.

Luckily for Honey, that is not where this story ends. The SPCA of Niagara County, a no-kill shelter, committed to saving her and they did.

They got her thyroid in check with medication and started working off the pounds.

It was slow at first. With just trying to get the dog to move. But she was eventually in rehab twice a week, working on things like a water treadmill.

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