(WWLP) — The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone across the country in many different ways. And in crowded cities like New York and L.A., rats are becoming more of a problem. 

Normally, a lot of the ways rats find food are by sifting through trash outside of restaurants. 

But with the notable decline in the number of diners, there’s less food, so they are instead finding it elsewhere: in nearby homes. But according to Natasha Wright, an entomologist with Braman Termite and Pest Elimination Specialists, this isn’t as large of a problem here in western Massachusetts. 

In cities, though, rats are doing what they can to survive. 

“So there are cases of cannibalism, uh, Dr. Bobby Corrigan, he’s a world-renowned rodentologist that studies the rodents of cities, has taken pictures of these things where they literally are eating each other.”

Wright said they have not seen an increase in the number of calls for rats locally. Not to say it couldn’t happen to a few homes or apartments that are closely situated to restaurants, but since areas here are more spread out, they aren’t expecting it to be a huge problem. To keep them out of your home, make sure your doors and walls are sealed tight.