Teach your kids what to do if they’re stuck inside a vehicle


 (WTNH) – So far this year nationally, 27 children have died after being stuck in hot cars.

About a third were trapped inside.

“Whether you have children or not, if you have a motor vehicle, keep it locked when not in use,” said Kevin Borrup – Associate Director of Connecticut Children’s Injury Prevention Center.  You wouldn’t want your child or a neighbor’s child to get in your vehicle or unable to get out and they get overcome by the heat.” 

Mom of three, Monica Buchanan,  “It could happen to anyone, it could happen at any minute.” 

She taught her two oldest what to do — if they find themselves stuck in a car.  

“I got in the car with them, I brought them in the car. I had them get in their seats that are in the back. Look at how it looks unlocked. Always come to the driver’s seat.  I want you to find the steering wheel.  There’s always going to be a button here on the side somewhere that’s going to have a little lock that says unlock. You need to find that and I want you to sit there and push that and then I need you to pull that lever.”

She says, “We did it until they were comfortable doing it and we did it over and over and over again.”   

Keep in mind that vehicles heat up quickly when the sun is out. 

Borrup explains, “People have to understand that the glass in the motor vehicle creates a greenhouse effect inside the vehicle which rapidly increases the temperature inside the vehicle.” 

Bystanders have a role to play as well.

He stresses, “If you see a child in a car, call 9-1-1 and if a child is unresponsive or appears to be in distress, immediately get them out of a vehicle.” 

Keep instruction simple if youngsters are not old enough to fully understand. 

“Honking the horn and keep honking until an adult comes is the easiest thing they can do,” says Borrup.

One more thing – if kids are missing — Borrup recommends to check nearby pools and cars
as soon as possible.

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