The SKINside Scoop: Should You Be Exfoliating Your Skin?


(KPRC) Many people like to exfoliate, but should you be exfoliating your skin? The answer depends on who you ask. Dermatologists have harsh warnings against it, while hairdressers say it might save your scalp.

Here are some things you need to know before you exfoliate:

Should you exfoliate your legs, face and arms?

Answer: No


You can scrub the lipids off your skin that protect against the environment and that can make you prone to infection, according to dermatologist Sherry Ingraham.


If you feel like you really need to exfoliate your skin, Ingraham said to use products with chemicals like salicylic acid, which will help slough your skin without breaking down your protective barrier.

Should you exfoliate your scalp?

Answer: Yes


Buildup gets trapped in your hair follicles. Hairstylist Trey Gillen recommends exfoliating once or twice a month. He said this is especially true for women with thick, coarse hair or women who don’t wash their hair more than once a week.


Put this in first on a dry scalp and scrub, Gillen said, let it sit there for about a minute. He warned not to over-exfoliate or use a product that’s “too grainy” because you’re not trying to scratch your scalp. You’re just trying to get that top layer of skin off.

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