NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Northampton is home to the first pot shop in the state, and it could be one of the first places in Massachusetts to have one close.

The Source is closing for good on Friday a spokesperson told 22News the decision was made because of the “Specific business environment in Northampton.”

The Source is located on Pleasant Street, which is right down the road from at least two other dispensaries. It comes as the city continues to deliberate a cap on pot shops. It currently has 12 retail locations. However Jimmi Brown from Northampton is glad there is variety available.

“They sell inferior quality stuff, inferior quality weed,” said Brown. “It’s like Dunkin or McDonald’s, the more choices the more better,” Brown continued.

The Cannabis Control Commission said they have not yet been notified by the Source that it is closing. Adding in the past two other retailers had chosen to surrender licenses either to reorganize or as part of a merger, that was in order to be compliant with the commission’s license cap requirement.

A spokesperson for the Source said they plan to focus on the Nevada market.