Top pediatric dental care mistakes parents make


(KPRC) Doctors say there are big mistakes parents are making when it comes to their kids’ dental health. 

 Dr. Shalin Patel is a dentist in Houston, Texas.

 He says parents should be supervising their kids when they brush their teeth. 

 “It’s important for us to be able to look back and see are they actually cleaning all the back teeth properly and then also flossing them as well,” said Patel. 

 He also stresses the importance of taking care of cavities. 

 “A baby tooth is actually a placeholder for a permanent tooth. If that baby tooth is removed early because the cavity gets too large, it usually causes the permanent teeth to erupt in the wrong direction,” said Patel. 

 If a child’s cavity is ignored, an infection could spread throughout their body. 

 You should also try to take your child to the dentist before their first birthday. 

 Between six-months-old and a year is when we normally expect that first tooth to arrive. But if it hasn’t erupted by the first year, it’s always good to have a dentist just check it out,” said Patel.

 When it comes to food, a lot of parents think if it’s not candy, it’s safe.

 Doctors say dried fruit like raisins, crackers and starchy snacks can also cause cavities. 

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