A Florida waitress is being hailed a hero for saving the life of a choking toddler.

 It happened last Friday as Shayla Sullivan worked her normal shift at Sonny’s BBQ in Lake City.

 While tending to the drive thru window she heard screams from across the restaurant, and ran over to help.

 That’s when she saw people passing around one-year-old Rhythm Green, who was choking on a french fry. 

 Unfortunately, no one knew how to help a choking baby, so Sullivan jumped into action. She turned the toddler over and began giving him back blows to dislodge the food. Eventually, the french fry make its way out, just before the abmbulance arrived. 

 The little boy’s mom says she is grateful for Sullivan’s quick action, and looks forward to building a strong relationship with the woman who saved her son’s life. 

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