Chances are you have heard of the keto diet. But what is it and how does it work?

The Ketogenic Diet has been around for centuries. In the 1970s it was called the Atkins Diet. Recently, it has regained popularity as the Keto Diet. 

The diet is low carbohydrate and high fat. When you do not eat carbohydrate, your body will initially use the carbohydrate stored in your liver and breakdown muscle for fuel.

The carbohydrate stores are heavy. So overnight, you can lose three pounds.  

But be aware that these three pounds are not fat. After three to four days without carbohydrate, your body will start to breakdown your fat and use the ketones from the fat for fuel.  Be sure to talk to your doctor before going on a Keto Diet. 

It is not safe for everyone. It can be dangerous for diabetics.