Here are the most germ-ridden places in your home


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – It’s that time of year. You’re having holiday parties. Friends, family are coming over and staying with you. You prepare by cleaning up around the house. You think you’re good, but wait until you see some of the nastiest, germ-ridden places inside your house.

The first place right at the front door.

“So you’re doorknobs basically get touched by every single person that goes in and out of the home. What your’re going to want to do is at least wipe them down with an antibacterial, either a spray or a wipe,” says Kate Henley with Two Maids and a Mop.

Don’t forget the doorknobs around your house especially leading into the bathroom. Including the handle to that porcelain throne!

“Which was the most disgusting to you,” we ask homeowner Sally Monceaux.

“The remote. Cause that’s an everyday thing we use,” she says.

She is shocked to hear of the filthiest places she’s not cleaning around her house. And yes you heard right – the tv remote is one of them.

“TV remotes are one of the germiest places that you’re actually going to find in your home just because no one thinks to wipe them down. It gets sticky, it gets germy, you sneeze, you touch your remote. You want to make sure you wipe them down probably about once a week with an antibacterial,” says Henley.

Cleaning up the bottom of purses and vacuuming the carpet are also must do’s before you finish the chores.

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