Heroic hound heads home

(KING) A German Shepherd named Rex was shot protecting his home and teenage owner from intruders in Washington state on February 21, and the hero dog was just released from the hospital Sunday afternoon after he underwent surgery.

Rex emerged from BluePearl Veterinary Partners wearing a cone and walking with the teenage owner he protected during the home invasion last Wednesday.

“He’s walking fine. He’s just very excited. He’s trying to lead the pack, trying to get in front of everyone. He doesn’t want no one in front of him,” said his owner.

The boy’s mother revealed their home was re-burglarized sometime between Wednesday and Friday, when the family was visiting Rex in the clinic. She says they are planning to move for their safety and peace of mind.

The German Shepherd suffered multiple gunshot wounds when armed intruders busted into his owners’ house in Des Moines. He was shot in the neck and hind legs.

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