CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Chicopee Comprehensive High School students are learning real life lessons, such as how to stay out of debt when they grow up.

Every year for the last nine years, the school has been setting aside an entire day to educate 11th graders on financial literacy. It is called the “Financial Literacy Day Challenge.” They learn about making a household budget; paying the mortgage, the grocery bills, and when they marry, the cost of day care.

School administrator Kara Blanchard wishes her generation had had an opportunity to receive this kind of real life preparation.

“What it’s going to take when they’re out on their own, how far their money will go, how far their education will go, how far their credit score is going to take them,” Blanchard said.

Robert Baranowski hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps as an accountant. He said that this literacy challenge will help him achieve this goal.

“Definitely how to do taxes, everything like that. I never knew a lot of this stuff,” Baranowski said.

11th grader Nicole O’Donnell said that her goal is to “stay out of debt, spend my money wisely.”

For now, the Financial Literacy Day Challenge is just a learning exercise, but one whose lessons will be invaluable when these young people grow up, have families, balance their own checkbooks, and meet their other financial challenges.