Hitting a pothole can do serious damage to a car


It’s pothole season in western Massachusetts. Drivers told 22News they’re everywhere. 

“It’s been awful,” said Lorie Marsh of Feeding Hills. “You just about have to drive in the other lane to avoid the potholes.”

It can be difficult and dangerous to try and avoid a pothole and hitting one can do some serious damage to your car. Frank Palange of V&F Auto Service in Agawam told 22News potholes can really mess up a car’s alignment, causing a safety hazard. 

“If your tires are not aligned properly and you hit something slippery, you can lose control of the car,” explained Palange. 

Palange suggests getting your alignment checked at least twice a year, and especially if you hit a pothole. 

“You should really get it checked and get it aligned before you wreck the tires,” said Palange. “You could have a car severely out of alignment and you’d never know until the tires wore out.”

Who pays for the damage if you hit one? Well, it depends. If you hit one on a state road, MassDOT said they will only compensate a claim if someone’s injured. As for local roads, you could be compensated if the pothole has been previously reported and the DPW had enough time to fix it. 

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