EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – When a friend’s heart stopped beating during a Masonic initiation ceremony for both men at the Masonic Temple in East Longmeadow, Matt counted on all of his skill as an EMT and first responder to overcome the odds against saving his friend’s life.

“The percentile of people who come back is very low,” he explained. “Either they don’t come back at all or there’s some type of brain damage. because by the time you get to the person it’s too long. Usually when you’re able to get to the person in the first two minutes that’s the best chance of living.”

Fellow Mason Ken White is among those who nominated his Masonic brother as a Hometown Hero. “One brother helping another brother at the instant they became Masonic brothers. You look and see a man stretched out on the ground and your heart sinks,” he told 22News, “you’re very nervous, you’re praying for the man.”

Matt Gosselin advocates widespread CPR training at Masonic Temples throughout Western Massachusetts. As an EMT, he knows the value of being prepared. “Four hours out of your life, 40 bucks out of your life, and it might be your grandmother, your sister, your brother that goes down or your child.”

At the Mass Mutual Center on the morning of March 19th, the Western Massachusetts Red Cross will honor Matthew Gosselin and six other extraordinary individuals as 2015 Hometown Heroes.Other Hometown Heroes: