Honda’s record-breaking lawn mower can go 151 mph


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(CNN/NBC4) — If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift, look no further than Honda’s new lawnmower.

A Honda lawnmower broke a world record last month, but it’s not going to help you cut your grass any faster.

The Mean Mower V-2 is the new acceleration king going from zero to 100 mph in just over six seconds.

That’s right, 100 mph!

The mower can reach 151 mph, according to Honda.

Even though the Mean Mower has to have grass cutting capabilities to qualify, it isn’t commercially available.

Plus, it didn’t set the record while actually cutting a lawn.

It happened at a race track in Germany.

The mower wasn’t driven by your neighbor, either.

Professional stunt driver Jess Hawkins was behind the wheel for the record run. 

The newest iteration of the Mean Mower is powered by an engine used in one of Honda’s race motorcycles.

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