Hotel technology makes traveling smarter


(NBC News) Millions of Americans will soon be traveling for Spring Break vacations, and hotels are starting to use technology to make your stay more enjoyable.

At Starwood Hotels nationwide, you can earn food and beverage vouchers or points by skipping housekeeping. It’s part of the Make a Green Choice program, and door hangers in each guest room make it easy to opt-in.

Many hotels including Hilton and Marriott have apps to check in virtually and the ability to use your phone as a digital key.

In the room, hotels are moving beyond pay-per-view rentals to let guests log in to their streaming and on demand accounts.

There’s also a focus on health and wellness, with many chains beefing up gyms and offering virtual training sessions.

Hotels are testing out the use of robots for concierge and room service, but if you want a housekeeper, you’ll have to settle for a human, for now.

Industry experts say Alexa could soon be joining your in-room experience.

Voice activation could set the temperature, call the front desk and arrange a wake-up call.

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