How bullying can affect student’s grades


(CNN) – Bullying isn’t just about physical violence or emotional pain, it can also impact your child’s education. CNN has the results of a new study in this health minute.

A new study in the journal of educational psychology takes a comprehensive look at the effects of bullying and the results aren’t pretty. Kids bullied their entire school career have declining test scores, A growing dislike of school and failing confidence in their own abilities.

The study followed a group of 383 kids starting in kindergarten and checked in every year. Researchers found that a third of the group experienced little to no bullying; a quarter reported decreased bullying over time; and another quarter suffered chronic bullying throughout school.

The study found that boys were more likely to suffer increased or chronic bullying. The good news is the longer kids stay in school the less likely it is that they will be victimized.

Also, researchers found that when bullying decreases, kids can recover-meaning it’s important for adults to address bullying behavior early.

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