SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – AMR paramedics respond to an average 150 calls per day. They hurry between Holyoke, Hampden, East Longmeadow and Springfield.

Factor in snow storms, sub-zero temperatures and construction on the I-91 viaduct, and you have some challenges; challenges they routinely overcome.

AMR Field Supervisor Jeffrey Suriano told 22News, “You can run into problems. The delays haven’t been noticeable; not more than a few minutes. My staff and I have responded up on the highway for some pretty bad crashes and have had to go down a few exits further than I would have normally.”

AMR knows which exits and back roads to avoid. They receive updates on street closures from the city every day.

22News drove on I-91 north, along the stretch ambulances are now avoiding, and we ran into a bit of traffic ourselves. The AMR team said they try to avoid that section of I-91 on the viaduct at all costs, unless there is an emergency up there. They also have GPS technology that always shows them the best path to take.

Suriano said even with minutes tacked onto their response time, ambulances act as “mini hospitals,” and have plenty of equipment. For the winter, AMR ambulances have added extra blankets for people forced out of their homes, and hot packs for paramedics to stay warm.

“Some delays can be encountered during really heavy snow, but basically, it’s just our business to operate in that weather, and it’s just our specialty to take people from Point A to Point B,” Suriano said.

If an ambulance comes up behind you on the restricted lanes of I-91, paramedics advise you to keep driving, and don’t slow down.