How household cleaners could be impacting your child’s health

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CNN – Multi-surface household cleaners could be making kids overweight, according to a new study.

Health officials found a link between infants living in homes where anti-microbial disinfectants are used at least once a week and elevated levels of a digestive bacteria in their stomachs.

The problem is:

The gut bacteria — lachnospiraceae is linked to obesity.

And the more frequently the products were used, the more bacteria the children had.

By the time they reached three years old — children in homes using disinfectants had a higher body mass index than children who lived in homes where disinfectants were not frequently used.

Further research found – there was no increase in the bacteria associated with eco-friendly cleaners without bacteria-killing ingredients.

A senior author of the study says the results suggest the gut bacteria is the issue.

Researchers caution, that even though they’ve found this link.. it’s still a big leap to say disinfectants cause childhood obesity.

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