How many hugs do you need to be happy?


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Are you getting enough hugs? Thursday was National Hug Day so we took a look at just how beneficial those warm embraces can be, and how many you need.

Some researchers said that we need at least four hugs a day, just to keep from being depressed, at least eight hugs to improve our mood slightly and more than 12 to really thrive.

Hugging can be a little awkward sometimes, especially when it’s someone randomly walking up on the street, but we were pleasantly surprised at how many people were open to giving a stranger a hug.

“Today is national hug day and I was just wondering if you wanted to hug it out real quick,” asked Fisher, “Sure.”

Going too long without a hug is bad.

“They have a thing called skin hunger, or touch hunger and so we start to crave it. We start to need it,” said Mindful Springs Therapist Alpha Gunn.

Some people may not get enough of hugs.

“Living in a culture where we’re very isolated where touch is taboo in a way, I would say probably a good portion of people,” said Gun.

Even if they’re awkward they’re good, reaching 12 hugs a day can be hard.

“I suggest to people hug six people on both sides and then you’ve got it covered,” said Gunn. “Research that shows that even just the smallest amount is very beneficial; touch in general is very healing, because it really elicits our central nervous system, which is the way we know we’re safe. The way we know we’re connected.”

When Kody Fisher went out Thursday to do this story he wasn’t necessarily in a bad mood, but after hugging about fifteen people, he said he felt much happier.

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