Construction began today on the Morgan-Sullivan Bridge, also known as the bridge to the Big E, that carries Suffield Street over the Westfield River, connecting Agawam and West Springfield. 

During construction, traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction. One person told 22News this could add to an area that already has a lot of traffic, but it’ll be worth it. 

“We’re used to a fair amount of activity over that way,” said Jermey Malanson. “If in the long-run it’s for the better, then we’re happy to see it happen.”

To help ease some traffic, MassDOT said the traffic lights at both ends of the bridge will have vehicle detection sensors to make the lights as efficient as possible. 

But, there are ways of avoiding the bridge altogether during construction. MassDOT said they’ve added a lane to the Rt. 5 off ramp to 57-West to alleviate some congestion that could build up there. 

Drivers can also use the Vietnam Veterans Bridge – also known as the Strathmore Bridge – to cross the river. 

One person who lives in Agawam told 22News he already goes out of his way to avoid the bridge to the Big E. 

“A lot of times, maybe you’re going to the doctor’s or school for something, and you forget, you get caught in it, and once you’re in it, you’re in it,” said Joe Valego of Agawam.