AGAWAM, Mass (WWLP) – Pest control experts are highlighting ways you can avoid poisonous spiders in Massachusetts.

A five-year-old was bitten by a black widow spider in the eastern part of the state earlier this month. An exterminator with EZ Green Pest Control told 22News, there are two types of poisonous spiders native to Massachusetts, the black widow and the yellow sac spider.

He said this is the time of year when spiders are most likely to crawl into a home to escape the heat.

“Highly advice running a dehumidifier in your basement this time of year, the moisture attracts your insects including spiders,” Dennis Gaynor of EZ Pest Control told 22News. “Go down with a shop vac, suck all of your webs up out of the basement.”

EZ Green Pest Control said spiders can be one of the harder pests to control in a home, but there are sprays available to help combat a spider problem.