NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The bitter cold weather has stuck around today with temperatures dropping down to 6 degrees overnight, not including the wind chill and we looked into how to make sure your home stays warm during this weather.

Experts suggest checking your radiators and making sure furniture is not blocking them. You should also cover your windows and doors with doorstops or secure them.

Placing foil on the back of your radiators will help prevent heat from disappearing through the wall, as well.

Northampton resident, Nancy Kleppel told 22News, “I’m burning a lot of wood this year that’s what I’m doing. I have storm windows on my screen doors like you said I don’t go out too much. Have blankets around and if you have a dog let them sit on your lap.”

On sunny days try keeping your curtains open to allow the the natural heat to come in. If you have a pet, you could follow Nancy’s advice and keep them close to stay warm.