ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Last week, the first couple inches of snow hit New York’s Capital Region and North Country. As Thanksgiving passes and winter approaches, it’s important to stay safe on the roads – especially when more snow is falling.

On Thursday, the New York State Department of Transportation put out a list of tips to keep drivers safe through snowy and icy conditions, especially during holiday seasonal travel. The DOT’s recommendations include:

  • Clear all snow and ice off of your vehicle
  • Drive slowly, whether on highways or local roads
  • Give extra space between yourself and other vehicles
  • Keep your vehicle’s headlights on at all times
  • Do not use cruise control, as having direct control over your vehicle’s speed can make the difference
  • Reduce distractions such as listening to music or eating while driving
  • Do not crowd snowplows

Drivers should stay alert to the state of the roads around them. Rock salt is often deployed on roads to break up ice building. In parts of New York, especially the North Country, brine has been adopted as an alternate solution. Brine is a salt-and-water solution that is applied to roads before snow falls, stopping ice from forming to begin with.

If driving in heavily-snowed areas, or winding roads, it is also important to get your car in the right condition. It is recommended to invest in tires with a low-temperature grip rating, tread patterns that resist snow clumping, and windshield wipers that are designed to keep snow and slush off your windshield.