Humane Society reunites dog with owner


TERRE HAUTE, Ind., (WTWO/WAWV)– Wade Glahn will be reunited with his dog, Nela, after being separated for nearly 5 months.

Wade Glahn is a member of the United States Air Force and while stationed in Hawaii, he adopted Nela from a local humane society.

He later was stationed in Illinois at the Scott Air Force Base.

However, after being transferred to the Virginia Beach, VA, Wade decided to leave Nela with a friend.

“While I was gone, she was given to the humane society,” said Glahn.

Nela has been at the Terre Haute Humane Society since Nov. 27.

Sarah Valentine, general manager at the Terre Haute Humane Society, said Wade reached out after seeing Nela’s post on their website.

“When he realized that she was on there, he did reach out to us and let us know that he was the owner but he was out of state,” said Valentine.

Valentine and Glahn have spent weeks trying to find a way for the two to reunite.

“I messaged him back on our Facebook page and I told him, ‘Hey could you meet me halfway next Thursday?’ And he was like ‘Oh my gosh! Yes, I will meet you. Just tell me where and when,” said Sarah.

Sarah, Wade and Nela will all meet in West Virginia on Thursday.

Wade says he is really appreciative of the humane society’s efforts to reunite him with his dog.

“They’ve done a great job. I know it’s been hard, but just getting her again Thursday will be amazing,” said Wade.

Valentine said the humane society’s main concern is reuniting animals with their owners.

“We want them to do well and get them where they need to be at. He’s also military which means a lot to me because I have family members who are in the military and have served in the past, so just knowing that this is going to make him happy with him being away, that’s what we want to do,” said Sarah.

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