(NBC News) – Nearly a week after Hurricane Irma the deadly storm’s devastating impact is still being felt across Florida.

And now we’re learning new details about the death of eight senior citizens at a sweltering nursing home there.

This morning…in the wake of Hurricane Irma growing outrage over the death of eight patients at this sweltering Florida nursing home.. And the evacuation of 145 others.

Some had body temperatures of 106 degrees…says State Senator Gary Farmer.

“So that tells us that those temperatures were very excessive, likely in excess of 100 degrees in the facility,” said Farmer.

Authorities revealing one of the eight died on Tuesday and had a “do not resuscitate order.”

So no one at the facility called 9-1-1 instead turning the body directly over to a funeral home.

It wasn’t until Wednesday at 3 a-m the local fire department got the first of several 9-1-1 calls.

78-year-old Carolyn Eatherly is among the dead.

“I wished I had just said you know i should just go and check on her, just make sure she’s okay but when you put something into professional people’s hands you think that everything’s gonna be okay,” said Eatherly’s friend Linda Horton.

The nursing home’s administration maintaining the hurricane knocked a transformer that powered the a/c system and that it’s staff continually checked on the patients’ well-being.

The facility’s administrator saying in a statement “we are fully cooperating” with authorities as questions about the incident linger.

“The facility had some power, however the building’s air conditioning system was not fully functional, said Raelin Storey, a spokesperson for the city of Hollywood.

Much of Florida still reeling from Irma’s impact.

Almost a week after the storm more than two million homes and businesses are still without power.

Chunks of big city Miami are in the dark so is rural Glades County where Irma knocked out electricity to 99 percent of customers.

“I am strong but…it just gets overwhelming,” said Glades County resident Patty Register.

In the Keys a navigational challenge for the coast guard sunken vessels blocking ships loaded with relief supplies.

Navy Master Diver Russ Ciardiello using nothing but goggles and a knife -to help free one of the boats.

On Florida’s hard hit west coast President Trump feeding survivors and praising the recovery efforts.

“The job that everyone has done in terms of first responder and everybody has been incredible,” President Trump said.

Back in Hollywood with so many questions still unanswered, this nursing home is another place where Irma’s impact will continue to be felt as recovery efforts continue in the sunshine state.