SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A local domestic violence survivor worries her life is at risk after the man accused of stabbing her multiple times was offered bail last week. The 22News I-Team spoke with the survivor that will not be named to protect her identity.

The bail was set for her ex-boyfriend at $100,000, a price she fears he might be able to pay.

“I have nowhere to go. If he were to be released today, I don’t have a plan.”

Domestic Violence Survivor

She told 22News she left her ex-boyfriend 12 years ago but that past came back to the surface in January, when he broke into her home and fought with her boyfriend. The next day when she was about to file a restraining order, he broke into her home again, this time with a knife and a Molotov cocktail.

“I thought I was getting hit, but I was getting stabbed. I got stabbed a couple times on my head, my neck, I think on my back too but with the adrenaline, I just got back up,” said the woman.

She said he threw the Molotov cocktail towards her room and attempted to block her from going to the hospital. Since January, he’s been held at the Hampden County Jail but if that bail is posted, he could be released with an ankle monitoring bracelet while he waits for his trial.

Do you think he’d go to your house?

“He would find me. He would find me because… he did mention, ‘next time you call the cops on me, it’s going to be because you’re dead,'” said the woman.

Governor Baker advocated for a bill aimed at strengthening protections for victims around pre-trial releases but that bill was sent back to committee for further study.