Igloo comes out with biodegradable cooler


Photo courtesy: igloocoolers.com

KATY, TX. (WPRI) — Just in time for summer, a popular cooler company has taken a big step toward becoming more environmentally-friendly by creating a biodegradable cooler.

The Texas-based company Igloo is now selling the world’s first cooler made from biodegradable materials.

According to Igloo’s website, this type of cooler, named “RECOOL” is an environmentally-sensitive alternative to harmful, single-use expanded polysyrene (EPS) foam coolers.

“While thousands of progressive municipalities have already banned the sale of foam coolers, RECOOL is legal in every city, county, state and country,” the website stated.

The company assures customers the 16-quart biodegradable cooler is durable and strong enough to hold up to 75 pounds.

The coolers will also not make the squeaking noise like other foam coolers.

A patent is still pending on the product. The coolers can be purchased on igloocoolers.com and in stores such as Target and REI.

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