(CNN) – Kelly Collins, seeing what she and others at the mall say was their famous neighbor, couldn’t resist recording, even though he indicated he didn’t want to be filmed.

Collins: “I couldn’t believe it. I was looking at him after hearing he was not feeling well the day before.”

That video, taken on Saturday, just five days before prince’s death. Prince had not been feeling well for weeks.

On April 7th, anxious fans in Atlanta with tickets to see prince learn two shows that night are postponed, according to the fox theatre, Prince is ill and battling the flu.

However, one week later, April 14th, Prince takes the stage in Atlanta the makeup concerts two shows, 80 minute sets.

No sign of illness he finishes to a standing ovation. Prince seems to relish the moment tweeting “I am transformed.”

The next day April 15th prince is flying home to Minneapolis his private jet makes an unexpected detour an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois and rushed to the hospital.

However, Prince doesn’t stay long, instead continuing his flight back to Minneapolis. The next day, Saturday April 16, is when Kelly Collins says she sees prince on that bike ride.

Reporter Kyung Lah: “He didn’t look ill at all?”

Collins: “He looked like prince. He looked really good.”

Reporter: “Did anything appear wrong with his health?”

Collins: “No I was actually shocked to hear he was riding his bike, when just a day before, the plane had landed and heard he wasn’t doing well.”

That same day, Prince posts this announcement, an impromptu dance party at his residence, Paisley Park.

Michael Holtz who has D-J’ed two dozen times for prince at his intimate parties, went as a spectator to the Saturday night gathering.

Prince speaks to the small crowd of about 200 people for 20 minutes, he says.

Holtz: “He addressed the crowd, said, if you hear news, give it a couple of days before you waste any prayers.”

Reporter: “How did he look Saturday versus the other times?”

Holtz: “Just the same. Far as the other times I’ve seen him. He was always healthy, energetic. Worker mentality. Nothing’s going to keep him down. I thought, we’re going to see him into his 80s”

The next day, Sunday, April 17, Prince tweets: Hashtag, “Feeling rejuvenated.” Feeling well enough that he heads out to a local jazz spot.

Reporter: “Tuesday night, prince came to the Dakota jazz club. He sat at this table, watched some live music, and talked to the staff. They say nothing seemed out of the ordinary.”

Lowell: “He was here for that show on Tuesday.”

Reporter: “Everything seemed fine and normal?”

Lowell: “Like any other night when he would come.”

The sheriff’s department says the next night, Wednesday April 20… prince is dropped off at his home at 8 p-m. He spends the night alone, no one is concerned until the next morning when employees can’t reach him. They find him collapsed in an elevator. Then a panicked call to 911. Person down not breathing.

Medical: CPR started

Dispatch: 10-4, CPR started

The CPR fails. He is pronounced dead at 10:07 Thursday morning. There remain big gaps in prince’s last days, did he visit any doctors? Did he take any prescriptions?

Sheriff Jim Olson of Carver County, Minnesota: “Is part of the investigation? That would be our normal protocol.”