WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Guns are being intercepted at an increasing rate at airports, which is causing concern for many travelers.

Experts are citing the high availability of guns. There were over 6,500 firearms caught at 262 out of 430 airport security checkpoints nationwide last year, according to the TSA. And 88 percent of them were loaded.

A local traveler who visits family in California regularly spoke with 22News about the alarming situation. “The guns that they give out to people that don’t know how to use them, you know, don’t know about safety, regulations, and stuff,” said Ruben Velasquez of West Springfield. “It’s just way too easy. People are getting it and using it recklessly. It’s a big problem and you know being a dad and stuff, I’m starting to feel nervous bringing my daughter anywhere.”

TSA says they are to raise awareness about how these situations slow down checkpoints.
Also making it is costly for each incident that occurs.