CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Car break-ins continue to be a rising issue across the country.

22News spoke with the Chicopee Police Department. A spokesperson said that most car break-ins in our area are what they described as “easy-targets,” meaning thieves will go up to the car to see if it’s unlocked and if it is, they will break into them.

They add that this is happening across the country, however, it’s being reported that thieves are also finding ways to get into cars that don’t require a key for the ignition.

“So there’s people out there that is actual scamming the frequency of the key fob to get into your vehicle and things like that. We are not seeing that here as of yet but there are ways and protective measures,” said Chicopee Police Spokesperson Travis Odiorne.

Chicopee Police want the public to know there are ways to help protect your car. If you have a keyless car, consider getting a “blocking pouch” for your key fob to prevent remote access to your car from scammers. You may even be able to manually turn off the wireless signal from your fob.

Other ways to protect your car are to park close to security cameras, make sure your car is locked, or purchasing a steering wheel lock or alarm.