iPhone X arrives!


(NBC News) Apple’s tenth anniversary smartphone, iPhoneX, launched Friday and as the company’s most expensive phone to date, many people are wondering if it is worth buying.

Analysts say it will be hard to get, the high demand and limited supply likely causing long lines and delayed delivery for online orders.

The iPhoneX starts at $1,000 and gets rid of the home button that most iPhone owners are used to. The new face ID replaces touch ID to unlock the phone and adjusts for changes in facial hair and accessories, it even works in the dark.

“You actually have to scan your face and then still swipe up so it’s not an automatic unlock. That may seem like one more step compared to clicking the home button and getting in,” says CNET’s Scott Stein.

The new iPhone also includes animojis, which turns your face into an emoji on screen, and portrait mode is now available on the front-facing camera, allowing users to take better selfies.

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