WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The big game is Sunday, and for many people, that means certain foods will be in high demand.

“I got wings, chips, dip… just the normal wings and vegetable platter that’s it just a couple of people over,” said Dwayne Harris of Springfield.

The past year has of course been filled with headlines of inflation since prices have gone up overall 6.5 percent and food prices up even more at 11.8 percent. And when it comes to consuming calories, Super Bowl Sunday is 2nd to only Thanksgiving.\

One study even found that Americans devoured 1.25 billion chicken wings, 11.2 million pounds of potato chips, 120 million pounds of avocado, 4 million pizzas, and 50 million cases of beer.

And while prices for culinary staples at Super Bowl parties have risen over the last year or so- that’s not stopping anyone. 22News spoke to some football fans making a trip to the supermarket Saturday to see if inflation costs have impacted their grocery lists.

“Coming here to get some shaved steak so I can make some Philly Cheesesteaks and enjoy the game with my family. I figured Philly is in the Super Bowl so I’d go make some Philly Cheesesteaks,” said Harris.

Thankfully for the over 200 million people expected to watch the Super Bowl, prices are finally coming down for those fun snacks and popular hand foods. Sirloin steak and ground beef prices are now leveling, dropping almost $1 a pound since December and the price of chicken wings are down 22% from a year ago. As of early January, the weekly retail price was about $2.65 a pound, down from $3.38 a pound one year ago.

“Getting stuff for appetizers chips dips, making some stuff. Yeah pretty much that’s it maybe some guacamole too,” said P.J. Greenia of West Springfield.

“I love wings and chips and dips… pretty much same with me,” added Justin Greenia.

Of course, with Kansas City taking on Philadelphia it’s almost like we have a battle not just on the field but in the kitchen with a game of barbeque vs.. cheesesteaks.