Is President Trump falsely taking credit for the border wall?


(CNN) –  Democratic lawmakers kept funding for a border wall with Mexico out of a $1.1-billion spending bill.

The President’s Press Secretary and Budget Director were asked about their incorrect claims about the fencing found on the border near Sunland Park, New Mexico, and they gave no reply.

There is unhappiness about the construction in this desperately poor neighborhood just outside of Juarez, Mexico.

There’s no question it’s easy to scale this fence, people could probably do it pretty quickly, but it’s not a border fence. This is a temporary construction fence that was put up for the construction of the permanent fence. The chain link fence gets taken down as the secure barrier takes its place, standard operating procedure the workers said.

The Trump administration has suggested two separate times it’s responsible for the new barrier. Keeping a campaign promise they say, but on the Mexico side, people say to give responsibility to the previous presidents.

Jose Casas, who lives across the street from the fence and operates a food stand, said, “Yes, it’s President Donald Trump’s wall, because since he’s been in office, they’re continuing to work on the fence. Some workers said rocks get thrown at them on occasion.” Casas doesn’t endorse that, but said it’s hard seeing taller and taller walls built where you live.

He said how could you not be offended, because it’s not right. The construction is expected to continue until this summer, and credit belongs to former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama who continued to permit it, while President Trump will have to wait for his credit.

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