CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Most of us didn’t warm up our car Wednesday morning since it was so mild, but during the long winter season its usually a must do. 22News is working for you with what you should and shouldn’t do when warming up your car.

Its not so much of a “shouldn’t do” but it’s actually illegal to warm up your car unattended even if its in your own driveway.

We all do it and thats warm up our cars from the cold temperatures throughout the day. Warming up our cars is usually done early in the morning, and as your getting ready for work you might even leave that car running as you finishing up your morning routine. But warming up your car unattended for longer than 5 minutes is illegal.

It’s not a town by town law but a state law here in Massachusetts.You cannot leave your car unattended and running in your driveway or in a parking lot for longer than 5 minutes.

Chicopee Police Office Mike Wilk explained to 22News what you should do when warming up your car and the risk it brings for residents. Mike Wilk, Chicopee Police Officer, told 22News, “Officers aren’t driving around looking for you idling your car in your driveway, get a car starter, get two sets of keys and if you do start your car in the driveway our biggest concern that if you leave your vehicle unlocked people cans steal your car right out of your driveway.”

There is also a concern with running your car too close to the house and getting the exhaust into your home.

Police officers can give you a $35 fine if you are found with your car running unattended.

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