It’s recommended to check smoke alarms when changing your clocks this weekend


While you’re changing your clocks this weekend for daylight savings time, there are a few other things you should be changing too. 

One of every five home fire deaths occurred in a home with smoke detectors that did not sound according to the national fire protection association. In nearly half of those fires, the alarms didn’t sound because the batteries were missing or disconnected. 

Fire departments say now is the time to make sure your smoke detector will work when you need it. 

Lieutenant Michael Dickson, of the West Springfield Fire Department, told 22News, “Twice a year when the clocks change we tell the public to change their detector batteries. It just ensures continuity of operation year round.”

He went on to say, “The best thing to do is test them once a month, and twice a year, replace the batteries.”

You might also want to check your smoke detector’s date of manufacture so you know when to replace it. If you can’t find a date of manufacture, the detector is likely old and should be replaced. 

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