LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – If you have ever been to a rehab center, they typically look similar to a nursing home or hospital, but the new Sosin Center for Rehabilitation in Longmeadow will be a little different.

JGS Lifecare’s new facility is designed more like a house, so that patients feel comfortable staying there.

A ‘Tropping Off’ ceremony was held at the Sosin Center for Rehabilitation Wednesday to celebrate the construction of the building nearing completion.

A spokesperson for JGS Lifecare said the center will care for 12 patients at a time. Each patient will get their own bedroom and bathroom, but unlike other rehab centers, they’ll also be able to interact amongst one another in a community kitchen and dining area.

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“That comfort of the social relationships and the maintaining of the routines they like, actually impacts recovery. They’re happier, they lead a more normal life, and the fact is they recover better,” Susan Kline of JGS Lifecare said.

Patients will typically stay at the center between one to four weeks for short term, rehabilitation care.