Judiciary Committee timeline not quick enough for some


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Assembly Judiciary Committee said the impeachment probe into Governor Andrew Cuomo will wrap up in a matter of weeks.

“The question here isn’t simply should we rush to impeach. The question is, ‘Can we present, should that occur, a compelling and comprehensive case at the court of impeachment,” said Chairman Charles Lavine.  

Advocates from Sexual Harassment Working Group said the committee already has a strong case.   

“They already have an airtight case against the governor. The independent investigators laid that out in 168 pages. The governor broke both state and federal laws,” said Co-Founder Erica Vladimer.  

The group was launched in 2018 by seven New York State legislative employees who experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Vladimer said there should be no excuse for a delay into drafting articles of impeachment.  

“What we’ve seen the Assembly do today is what we’ve seen them do, not just through this whole process of holding Governor Cuomo accountable, but what we saw them do in the past, which was really to drag their feet,” Vladimer said.  

Lavine said once their investigation is complete, if articles of impeachment are voted on and adopted, they have to give the governor at least 30 days notice to respond before the high court will convene.  

“Assemblymember Lavine said it would take weeks instead of months. I don’t see how that’s possible considering we have to have that 30 day period,” Vladimer said.  

To that point, Lavine’s asking for a little more patience.  

“We are now six days after the attorney general’s report. And anyone who read that report and read it in detail knows that that took hours. We’re asking for a few more hours in the relative scheme of things,” Lavine said. 

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