NORTHAMPTON, Mass (WWLP) – A dryer fire can be deadly. A laundry fire in the basement can quickly spread to the upper floors without much warning.

The Northampton Fire Department told 22News a clean laundry area is a safe laundry area. Advise includes cleaning the filter screen after each load and washing it every 6 months. Never run the dryer without being home. Clean your dryer vent to the outside…and vacuum around the motor.

Another piece of advice for preventing dryer fires, make sure you use the correct hosing. This is the type of hose you don’t want to use. It’s flexible and it has ridges. The lint can get caught on the ridges and catch on fire. You want to make sure you use smooth rigid hosing, and keep it clean.

Northampton Firefighter Shawn Denkiewicz, told 22News, “The flexible hoses are not recommended anymore. They should be a solid piece. What they found is that the flexible hose will start to sag and where it sags it can collect lint and over time that lint can get dry and start a fire.”

The Northampton Fire Department also said not to leave things that can catch on fire near the dryer and never put mop heads that may still have cleaning chemicals in the dryer.

In 2014, the last year these statistics were available, there were 118 dryer fires in Massachusetts.