SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Kennedy Golf Management, which managed two city-owned golf courses, may owe the city of Springfield hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Kennedy Golf Management, or KGM, was run by Kevin Kennedy, Jr. The company managed the Franconia and Veterans Memorial Golf courses’ in Springfield, until the city terminated its contract with the company last November, following an IRS raid.

The city hired an outside auditor last August to review how the company handled the golf courses’ cash and revenues.

Mayor Domenic Sarno announced Monday that the auditor concluded it does not believe KGM properly “deposited all city revenues.”

The auditor’s report also noted Kennedy Golf Management’s lack of timely and itemized reporting and found the company may have withheld money from the city.

Outside Auditor: KGM mismanaged Springfield-owned golf course revenues

The city’s Internal Auditor is now conducting a new audit to determine how much money may be owed to the city.

“It appears that the outside auditor is looking for additional documentation, as well as the inside auditor so they can reconcile a report with a dollar amount for us,” said Springfield City Cuoncilor, Timothy Rooke.

Rooke told 22News they believe it could be as much as $300,000, but the city still needs to confirm that.

The city hired new management for the golf courses this year.

As for the money owed to the city, Sarno said the city will pursue legal action to recover it once a final amount has been determined.

Kennedy’s home’s were raided by the I.R.S. last summer. He has yet to face any criminal charges.

22News contacted Kevin Kennedy Junior’s attorney, David Hoose about the matter. We’re still waiting to hear back.