Kids crash car trying to get to grandma’s house


(CNN) – Authorities outside Seattle are investigating a bizarre car accident. It all began with two young children allegedly starting their parents’ car and driving it, in an attempt to visit their grandmother.

It wasn’t ‘over the river and through the woods,’ but two kids in Federal Way were so set on getting to grandma’s house that they took a car and crashed it, according to police.

Neighbor Fred Axberg said, “I heard a heck of a crash.”

Neighbor Annemarie Warren described the crash, saying, “Like explosion went off. Something, we really don’t know”

Neighbors ran to see what the commotion was at 317th place and 21st avenue southwest, finding two banged-up cars, but only one adult behind the wheel.

Warren noted, “I held the kids both in their hands and I said, ‘where’s your mom?’ ‘Sleeping. I want to go to my grandma’s house.”

The kids, police say, are just three and five years old, yet they managed to start the SUV, get it out of their driveway and into the nearby intersection, t-boning the driver of a Volvo sedan in the process.

Neighbors have said they’re just glad it wasn’t worse.

Fred Axberg said, “My reaction was, thankfully they’re okay and for sure they had an angel.”

The driver of the other car just had minor cuts and bruises. The two kids escaped without injury, and there is no word on what could happen to their parents.

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