Kids send cards to make boy’s wish come true


When teachers and students at Harding Middle School in Steubenville found out about a little boy going through some tough times in Cincinnati, they jumped into action to make his one Christmas wish come true.

On Thursday morning, a cluster of Christmas cards made a science classroom look more like an art class, as students grabbed crayons and markers to send a hand-made message to Andrew Little.

“He’s 8 years old and in second grade, and he lives in Cincy and he really likes Christmas cards and that’s all he wants for Christmas,” 5th grader Olivia Dolfi said.

Andrew is a quadriplegic, who lost his mother a few years ago, and lives at the Saint Joseph Home of Cincinnati.

This Christmas, he says a little mail will make his day.

“They related to him right away, and even put in their cards, ‘I like Star Wars’ and ‘I like this person,” teacher Tracy Ziarko said. “They just really did a great job, and they were proud of their cards as well.”

“I want him to know we are praying for him, and we hope he gets everything he wanted for Christmas,” student Antonio Lulla said.

“The kids that we have every day are our kids, and you tend to have that bond with any child, especially this time of year,” 5th grade teacher Kristin Taylor said. “And they’re happy, and they’re excited, and you want that for every child, not just the ones in your classroom or your home. Every child.”

“Our kids have big hearts, and they just want to reach out to him and let him have a merry Christmas like they will,” Ziarko said.

The teachers are mailing the cards out Friday morning so Andrew gets a big surprise just in time for Christmas.

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