Las Vegas maids push for panic buttons


(KSNV) As contract negotiations for more than 50,000 Las Vegas hotel employees get underway, the Culinary Union is asking to keep employee health benefits and pensions, but also for wage increases and panic buttons for staff.

The panic buttons are just one request that the union will come to the table with next month. Contracts expire May 31, 2018.

Guest room attendants in other cities like New York, Chicago, and Seattle either already carry panic buttons, or soon will.

The goal is to prevent sexual assault.

“As much as security does an amazing job, you can’t cover every corner or every property, so having a safety valve, like a panic button and sending that message too, that we care about all our employees and workers, we want everyone to feel safe. Taking a step like that can be very instrumental and really just taking a stand on this whole issue,” said Daniele Dreitzer the Executive Director of the Rape Crisis Center.

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