WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– Nancy Hughes has been working at Memo’s restaurant in West Springfield for the last three years. She says scheduling there is fairly consistent.

“I like to know in advance and I do know in advance. The only time I wouldn’t know is if someone called in sick and frankly I don’t mind being called in last minute, if I can do it I will,” Hughes told 22News.

That on-call policy is what Memo’s owner, Dominic Pompi, says is critical to keeping a fully staffed restaurant.

“There are people on standby, which means when someone calls in I could require them to come in last minute,” Pompi told 22News.

Now, a bill recently filed by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is intended to change several aspects of employer scheduling practices, including those on-call policies.

Part of the bill is geared towards discouraging businesses from waiting until the last minute to post employees’ work schedule.

One issue the bill looks to address is when an employer sends workers home early in a shift if things are slow, something that can happen in the restaurant business.

“That is part of the game you have to go with the flow, if the business is there… fortunately for us the business is here, we keep a good staff, they understand that and sometimes they volunteer to go home,” Pompi said.

Other parts of the bill include making changes to “split shift” schedules that have employees working non-consecutive hours.

Warren argues bill would make workers lives and money less chaotic for workers and easier to manage.