BOSTON (WWLP) – A proposal before the Legislature would allow English language learners to take bilingual classes in Massachusetts public schools.

Different versions of the bill passed in the House and the Senate, now, lawmakers have to work out the differences between the bills in a conference committee. The committee tasked with compromising on a final bill met for the first time Friday.

The six-member committee includes three lawmakers from the House and three from the Senate. If passed, the legislation would allow students who speak English as a second language to participate in bilingual education programs at their public schools.

“We know ultimately to meet these ambitious goals that we set for both schools and for students, we need to equip students with all of the tools that they can have at their disposal,” Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz (D-Boston) said.

After a brief open meeting, the committee moved into an executive session closed to our cameras.

The House chair said they hope to come out with a compromise bill in the “not-too-distant future.”