HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) — As the city starts to celebrate this weekend, the businesses are hoping to see a big boost with it. Each day of this weekend is expected to be busy and local businesses are planning to cash in on that.

“I love the parade, I love the road race, and I love the meals after and before,” expressed Mary Clancy of Longmeadow.

A tradition that’s at the heart of Holyoke; the Saint Patrick’s Parade is expected to draw in crowds from all over. And, with that people are planning to celebrate at restaurants and bars across the city. The Delaney House restaurant is planning to serve the classics and that takes preparation.

“We go through hundreds, and hundreds of pounds of corned beef and cabbage, and potatoes, and everything else. So we kind of have a good history of it, and we just keep track. We actually started a month ago brining our own beef,” said Mick Corduff the Executive Chef and Owner of the Log Cabin and Delaney House.

Owner Jake Perkins of Sláinte is also preparing to serve classic Irish fare. Including all things Guinness, from short ribs to cupcakes.

But Perkins said these celebrations stretch beyond food, “It’s just huge for business and for the spirit, coming out of the winter for the whole city. It’s a beautiful thing.”

A study from UMass found the Saint Patrick’s Committee of Holyoke has had an economic impact of over 20-million dollars. Celebrations are expected to last all weekend long in Holyoke, some starting off now, but on Saturday there’s also the Road Race, which will start on Lyman street and run through the city.

Holyoke St. Patrick’s Road Race Course.