(WWLP) — Nine-year-old Aaliyah has been hosting live bed-time stories to spread the joy of reading and family time.

Live from ‘Sister, Sister Studios‘ in South Hadley, ‘Dreamland with Aaliyah’ has been streaming every night with one mission: to inspire hope.

During the bedtime story live show, Aayliah selects books about family, friendship, and love.
With a little help from her younger sister Ava and mom Marcella, Dreamland with Aaliyah is a show aimed towards kids to bring happiness during these difficult times.

“I think family time is very important,” said Aaliyah. “We need screens sometimes now, like video chatting and things like that, to keep in touch with people. But I think it is really important now that we catch up on reading so that when we come back we’re ready.”

A child from Ohio watching ‘Dreamland with Aaliyah’ repeats I am enough, in words of affirmation exercise.

During Aaliyah’s dreamland, she also hosts live guests. They’ve included local teachers, family members, mentors, and positive role models – like former Mass Appeal Host Ashley Kohl.

Aaliyah’s mom Marcella told 22News that Aaliyah has been inspiring her youngest daughter Ava to read.

“This is really important to our family,” said Marcella. “Reading is really important. We really believe we are all in this together, so we are trying to keep each other inspired and connected.”

Aaliyah has read more than 40 books since the start of her show on March 30th.

She will continue her live show on Facebook and Instagram and is even thinking about starting a youtube channel.

If you would like to catch the next streaming of Dreamland with Aaliyah, click here.